“Few things offer the beauty found in nature. My goal is to help you see the beauty found in wood.”

My Story

Born on a farm in Kentucky surrounded by nature I learned the connection to nature very early. When I left the farm for college, I never returned yet nature was never far away.

Like most people I got a job, married and had a family. That job started in business management but wasn’t fulfilling. My faith led me to full-time pastoral ministry. Like most professions it was full of pressure and stress. This led me to exploring ways to release that stress. Nature intervened once again. I rekindled my fascination with woodworking. At first it was building things: boxes, storage chest, etc. I needed more challenge, so the next step was furniture. The problem with furniture was it took so long to make. A friend suggested woodturning and I was hooked. I made pens, bowls, platters and gave them away as gifts. I had many opportunities to do commission work, but didn’t want my hobby to become a job.

Now I am retired and enjoying the important things in life. From the pictures above you can see what I consider important. Family is front and center but working with wood brings out a passion in me that is hard to explain. God has provided so many hidden beauties in nature waiting to be uncovered. I find a piece of wood laying on the side of the road and I can’t wait to see the hidden beauty underneath.

After much encouragement from family and friends I am now giving you the opportunity to buy one of my beloved pieces. When you buy one of my pieces it supports my passion, but more importantly that piece will continue to show God’s beautiful nature for years to come.

My hope and goal is that you will see the same beauty I see and admire the wonderful, often hidden treasures God has provided for us. All that is needed is an open eye and a willing mind… a little skill doesn’t hurt either… to uncover the hidden. That is true in people as well as nature.

I am off to play with grandchildren and hunt for that next treasure. May God Bless you and yours!

Rickey Page,